Brian Howell

EZ KUT Outdoors Prostaff Member

Brian’s love for archery began at a very young age, now with over 30 years of bowhunting experience and has many trophy whitetails to his credit. Along with bowhunting Brian spends just as much time if not more in the field searching for shed antlers.

Brian is a proud member of the AWA (American Whitetail Authority) and is apart of many Pro Staffs for assorted products. Brian is also a regional sales manager for the HB Seed Co along with a sales representative for ClearShot Archery, in 2014 Brian was asked to join a great company called Takedown Outdoors. Takedown Outdoors is an amazing company that’s all about getting people involved in the outdoors.


Prostaff Stats

Name:Brian Howell
Hometown:Warrenville, Illinois
Specialties:Archery Hunting
Greatest Love:Shed Antler Hunting
Favorite EZKUT Product:Lopper
Operation Details: