Eric Kirby

EZ KUT Outdoors Prostaff Member

As far back as Eric remembers, being in the outdoors was where he belonged. Eric’s parents started him out with camping as a baby and it never slowed down. As he grew older Eric started shooting with his father and when came of age to go hunting he would go duck hunting, which he has many priceless memories. Eric fell in love with deer hunting the moment he stepped into a tree stand. To this day he still remember how exciting it was to harvest his first deer. After a few years of hunting the shot gun season with his father and brother, Eric went and took his bow course and from then on hunting became a lifestyle.

Eric started filming his hunts in 2011 when he and his brother Brian started Kirby Brothers Outdoors. Brian then started filming for Rush Outdoors TV and Eric joined the Field staff Team with Rush. Eric now works with his brothers company K.D.W. Entertainment.

Prostaff Stats

Name:Eric Kirby
Hometown:Hamlin, NY
Specialties:Hunting, fishing, shooting, archery, filming
Greatest Love:Capturing my outdoor adventures through the lens of a camera
Favorite EZKUT Product:Pruner
Operation Details:

I’m also a Prostaff for an online hunting show called Kirby Brothers Outdoors. We post our hunts and fishing trips along with tips and tricks videos on YouTube. We are very active on all the social media platforms. I’m also a  Field Staffer for RUSH Outdoors, a NY-based hunting show that airs on 7 networks throughout New York State.

Social Links:Facebook