EZ KUT Pruner

From $36.35
The original EZ KUT Pruner features a unique front end design for leverage, a wrap around knuckle protector, and ergonomic handle for a sure grip not found in other pruners. The blade is made of SK5 carbon hardened steel that cuts through the hardest wood with ease, and with the replaceable blade kit, you are never without a sharp blade. The three stage ratcheting action on this tool provides the power for the big jobs, and the lock keeps this bad boy from biting!
This is the only pruner made for outdoor adventures that comes with a
Lifetime Guarantee!

EZ KUT G2 Lopper

The G2 Lopper is, in our opinion, “the worlds best Lopper” and we are sure you will agree! The G2 has features that no other lopper can claim, like extending and replaceable arms, a dual profile cutting jaw, 5 stage ratcheting action, patented oiler bolts, replaceable knife and working parts, and sure grip rubber handles! Spring Replacement Instructions
Lifetime Guarantee

EZ KUT Lopper

The EZ KUT Lopper (aka; The Big Brother) is the perfect tool for the big jobs! The large blade is made of SK5 carbon hardened steel and is also replaceable like its "little brother". The extendable handles make the transition from 18" to 42" with ease, laying waste to those hard to reach areas. It's the perfect tool for clearing campsite areas, creating ground blind locations, removing large limbs from shooting lanes, or making paths through the timber.
Lifetime Guarantee, on blade and working mechanism.


The EZ Kut WOW Saw is considered one of the finest cutting tools on the market. It is designed with the highest quality material and craftsmanship available. Our goal in creating this saw is for you to actually say “wow!” with your first & every use! The perfect tool for landscapers, gardeners, sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Weight: 5oz
  • Open length: 17.75"
  • Closed length: 10.5"
  • Tooth pitch: 4mm for all types of wood
  • Blade thickness: 1.5mm for fast cutting
  • Large 10 inch replaceable blade
  • Taper-ground hard chrome plated SK4 Japanese steel blade
  • Metal on metal lock; Locks open and closed
  • Real non-slip rubber grip for comfort and safety
  • Slotted blade cleans as it cuts, keeps blade cooler to resist sap and pitch buildup
  • Curvature ground tri-edge teeth to reduce cutting resistance
  • Impulse hardened teeth for superior durability & sharpness
  • Cuts on the draw stroke

EZ KUT SlingPak

Introducing the World’s First Full Size Lopper Sheath with 5-in-1 carrying capacity to hold all your favorite EZ KUT tools! The EZ KUT SLING PAK provides protection for your EZ KUT Lifetime Tools as well as functionality in the field, on the farm, or in your backyard.

The innovative pull-thru strap and flex-formed opening makes access to your EZ KUT Lopper quick and easy; just reach back and grab the Big Brother Lopper and get Kuttin’! When you need your EZ KUT Ratcheting Pruner or Folding Hand Saw, just swing the Sling Pak around and Grab ‘em! Additional pockets are provided for your cell phone or hand held device and EZ KUT Carbide Sharpener as well. When you’re finished just place it back in the Sling Pak–Its always ready for action.
Guaranteed for life, it’s the perfect complement to your EZ KUT tools!

5-in-1 carrying capacity for your:
  • Lopper
  • Pruner with or w/o Sheath
  • Folding Hand Saw
  • Cell phone/hand held device or keys
  • Carbide Sharpener

EZ KUT Wow Saw Sheath

The new Wow Saw Sheath is constructed of the same military grade ballistic nylon as our Pruner Sheath and Sling Pak. Lightweight and durable!! It's the perfect companion to the world-famous Wow Saw!

Designed to be worn or attached to your favorite pack in the closed position with EZ KUT's 3-way clipping system or open the Sheath and attach the front clip to your belt and have access to your open Wow Saw for easy "in and out" while working! At the bottom of the Wow Saw Sheath is a Leg Lash hole to secure the sheath to your let for extra comfort and accessibility.

The back of the Wow Saw Sheath is built with two pockets: one holds extra blades and the other holds the tool to make a blade change (extra blades and EZ tool sold separately).

Guaranteed for life, it's the perfect companion to your Wow Saw!


EZ KUT Pruner Sheath

Finally, The Original EZ KUT Ratcheting Pruner has a Sheath to match the quality and durability that the tool is known and respected for. Made from tough temperature molded Ballistic Nylon material and quality stitching. The EZ Sheath features a dual hip attachment that includes a high quality metal belt clip and a pull thru belt opening.

For quick and easy access to your Pruner just tuck the cover into the convenient back slot and turn the sheath into a holster.

When you need ultimate protection for your EZ KUT turn the flap over and the high quality metal snap locks it into the Sheath for safekeeping.

Guaranteed for life, it’s the perfect companion to your EZ KUT Pruner!


EZ KUT Carbide Sharpener

The EZ KUT Carbide Sharpener is the perfect addition to the EZ KUT family. Designed to carry with you, this handy sharpener has a Carbide working end and ergonomic textured rubber handle to make sharpening your EZ KUT tools a breeze!

EZ KUT Pruner and Sheath Combo

The Pruner and Sheath Combo includes our EZ KUT Pruner and the EZ KUT Sheath.

EZ KUT G2 Lopper and SlingPak Combo

The G2 Lopper and SlingPak Combo includes our EZ KUT G2 Lopper and the EZ KUT SlingPak.

EZ KUT Lopper and SlingPak Combo

The Lopper and SlingPak Combo includes our EZ KUT Lopper and the EZ KUT SlingPak.

EZ KUT Wow Saw Combo

The Wow Saw Combo includes our EZ KUT Wow Saw, Wow Saw Sheath, and Wow Saw Replacement Blade.

EZ KUT Drill Products

EZ KUT Drills get into the toughest hardwoods with minimum effort and have the same great reliability as our other hand tools. Take one along next time you're in the field and see for yourself why they have such a great reputation.

A. The EZ KUT Hand Drill - $59.95

The lightweight rugged construction promises years of service. Its lightweight and compact design can easily be slipped into one of your pockets or pack. The hand drill can be disassembled and the drill bit can be used in your cordless drill.

B. The EZ KUT Hand Drill Bit Replacement Assembly - $39.95

Our bits stay sharp a long time but if you find you need to replace the bit on your hand drill, this replacement bit kit allows you to get your hand drill cutting like new again.

C. The EZ KUT Cordless Drill Bit - $24.95

This drill bit is designed to be used in your cordless drill.

EZ KUT Replacement Blades

All blades eventually will dull. Ours however, less often over time. With a lot of use you can be sure they will need sharpening or replacement. Our Guarantee is good but it doesn't cover dull blades. That's what our affordable EZ KUT blade replacement kits are for!

A. The EZ KUT Lopper Replacement Blade - $20.80

B. The EZ KUT Pruner Replacement Blade Kit - $8.00

C. The EZ KUT G2 Lopper Replacement Blade Kit - $20.00

D. The EZ KUT Wow Saw Replacement Blade Kit - $14.95


EZ KUT Apparel

You've got your gear - now show it off with some of our branded shirts or hat.

Your choice - $20 ea.

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