EZ KUT Outdoors Prostaff Member

As a fifth generation Washingtonian, Clint started his education in hunting very early on in life, trapping coyotes and ground squirrels with his Grandfather on the farm. Hunting and Fishing were not only hobbies for Clint’s family, who were settlers on what is now Wildlife Refuge land, but a necessity for survival. Years of passed down experience helped to cultivate Clint into the outdoors man and hunter he is today. At the age of seven he was given his first 22 caliber rifle and he started to hunt small game around the farm every free minute available. Clint harvested his first big game animal (Mule Deer Buck) at the age of 9 and hasn’t slowed down in his pursuit since. At age 17 Clint was introduced to archery by his Uncle, and he then set out to hone his skills for success. Lots of practice and dedication led to his first archery kill that same year (Black Bear). Now over 20 years later Clint’s passion for archery is still as strong as ever and has become his only true method of harvesting all game, big and small. Sharing his passion for archery with others is important to Clint and he has introduced the sport to his wife and daughters as well as volunteered to do a youth mentor ship program. Teaching his wife and guiding her on her first archery harvest was all it took to make Clint realize that experiencing the hunt with others is as gratifying as hunting the animal himself. Over the years he has guided and filmed several hunters to their first harvest with both rifle and bow. Clint enjoys sharing his knowledge and passion for hunting and the outdoors every chance he can.

Clint is a guide and the operations manager for in Washington state. He is also a representative/staffer for the following companies:

  • Fourtrack Hunting Adventures
  • Silent Draw Outdoors
  • Xenek Blinds
  • Flying Arrow Archery
  • Big&J
  • Moon Stands
  • Killer Gear
  • Phelps Game Calls
  • Bull Pacs
  • The Turkey Fan
  • Scent Crusher
  • Wynde Scent
  • Fourth Arrow

Prostaff Stats

Name: Clint Fredrick
Hometown: Colville, WA
Specialties: Landscaping, Farming, Ranching, Hunting