EZ KUT Outdoors Prostaff Member

Hunting has been a life long-passion. Being with nature is a must!  To know my surroundings and have the ability to survive any situation is key. Family taught me to never give up and strive for success . Sharing my knowledge and skills obtained over the years fuels my passion. Working as pro staff with Deaux Girl, a beautifully lethal group of huntresses, driven to share our passion and dedication with other women and youth. We also provide amazing scent control products for women in the outdoors. I’m thankful for the friends, people and opportunities this industry provides. When not the woods, as a cosmetologist I strive to increase the confidence in others. Otherwise, you can always find me the great outdoors with my dog or fellow hunting friends.

Prostaff Stats

Name: Kristi Abrams
Hometown: Oxford, OH
Specialties: Hunting
Greatest Love: My 3 passions. Hunting, My Dog, and my job as a cosmetologist.
Favorite EZKUT Product: My EZ Kut snips
Operation Details: I work for DeauxGirl as preaux staff and Natural Camo face paint and help a local archery shop with lots of ladies events.
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