EZ KUT Outdoors Prostaff Member

I served 4 years in the US Air Force ā€™66-ā€™70, in Viet Nam, then became a Union local 597 pipefitter for 38 years. I retired and became involved with National hunting and fishing days. There I started as media relations, then Vice President , then President. Iā€™m still on the committee for Northern Illinois Hunting and Fishing Days, serving as their spokesperson between them & the DNR. I also am a Pro Staff for Grandt Rods, by Jim Grandt. I love the outdoors especially hunting for the elusive Whitetail! Archery and Crossbows are my favorite method for harvesting deer. I love the opportunity to show the next generation all I can about the beautiful outdoors & nature itself, that God has given us!

Prostaff Stats

Name: Peter Meier
Hometown: Yorkville, Illinois
Specialties: Hunting, fishing, Making friends
Greatest Love: Working the Laporte Machine at Takedown Outdoors Events
Favorite EZKUT Product: G2 Lopper
Social Links: Facebook