Brandon Hane

I met these guys at a show and tested, out all their tools, and everything they sell is top notch I finally just pulled the trigger and bought the loaded pack can’t wait to put it to work

Tommy Brandenburg

I absolutely love all my ez Kut products. The ratcheting pruners make yard work easy and fun! I never go to the farm without my wow saw and loppers!! Best cutting tools I have ever owned! Great products!!

Ken Morford

They really have great customer service, and a great attitude towards customers. I fully believe that they stand by their LIFETIME warranty, based on the reviews I’ve read and the way they treat customers. I bought the lopper and sling at an expo, and when the...

Andrew Groff

I ordered the 20′ poke saw and the heavy duty ratchet pruner. They showed up in three days after ordering. Wow they cut like a hot knife through butter. GREAT PRODUCT. I highly recommend these products.

Jim Sherrill

I have had my loppers for over 15 years and had one problem called customer service , boxed it up and sent it in, they replaced it after that long!!! This has been one of the best products I have used and recommend them I am in NC and travel to Kansas and Colorado...
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