I use EZ KUT Pruners! They’re handier than a pocket on a shirt!
Byron Ferguson

Outdoor Channels "Impossible Shots"

I have been using my EZ KUT products for years. I would not go into the woods without my ratcheting pruners. They are one of my most important hunting tools. I recommend them to everyone!!
Greg Miller

Outdoor TV personality and best selling author

I would just like to take a moment to thank Buster and EZ Kut for offering such a great product. I’ve walked past the EZ Kut booth at the Ohio Deer and Turkey Expo for as many years as I can remember, stopping many times to check out your products, but being the skeptic that I am I would always walk away empty handed. Finally several years ago I gave in and purchased a pair of your pruners, I thought what the heck I’ll give them a try, and I’m sure glad I did. They have become one of the most invaluable tools in my pack, there’s no way of knowing how many truck loads of brush and tree limbs I’ve cut clearing trails, cutting shooting lanes and doing yard work with this one pair of pruners. Unfortunately late this past season I happened to brake the cutting blade, my fault of course. I took them with me to the 2013 Deer and Turkey Expo last month with every intention of buying a new blade and to also tell you how happy I’ve been with your product. Instead of me buying a new blade you insisted on replacing it free of charge even though I told you it was my fault that it broke. I just used them again this past weekend to cut a great hiding spot for this trailcam I was setting up to check out a new hunting spot. The only regret I have is not purchasing a pair a lot sooner, thanks again for such a great product. Your satisfied customer.
Jeff Craig

Nontypical Outdoors in Fairfield County, Ohio

The EZ KUT pruners and loppers really reduce the amount of effort required to cut. The adjustable extension arms of the lopper are helpful in getting to those hard to reach areas. I use them to cut my roses as well as other plants with thorns. Thanks EZ KUT
Yvon E.

Northern IL

I have been buying and using outdoor products all my life. There is a lot of junk out there that I refuse to use. One of my pet peeves is purchasing a product, getting it to the field and it just under performs or falls apart. That is simply not the case with EZ KUT.

They are built to last and perform beautifully!! My back pack will always have the EZ KUT Ratchet pruner. The EZ Hoist is a must for hanging those big bucks. It simply works better than any of the other junk orange poly hoists sold in those big box stores.

They’re not the cheapest, but they work and last!! Try it and you will see!!
Scott Bast

Takedown Outdoors

The EZ KUT pruner has been in my pack for years. It’s a must-have tool that has worked great from the start and never lets me down.
Jerry Milos

Takedown Outdoors

You never want to be with out your EZ Kut pruner, it’s one of the products that I take in field all season long, because you are constantly using it.
Brad Rucks

Group Publisher at F+W Media, Deer and Deer Hunting Magazine/ TV

Really like your tool, comes in handy for many things other than hunting.
Russ Manney

Wellsboro, PA

I purchased an E-Z Kut pruner at the Suffern NY World Outdoor Expo in 2006 or 2007, and have used it extensively with very good results.
Robert Sena

Goshen, NY

I Love my EZ Kut pruners!!!! I originally bought a pair back in the 90’s at a Michigan sporting show…. I’ve been searching and searching for additional pairs of them, one for each 4-wheeler, one for the Gator, one for the Gardening House etc… I kept buying other pruners at local Hardware Stores etc. I even bought CUTCO’s pruners and wasn’t satisfied. Thankfully EZ KUT is on Facebook and has a web site so I was able to contact them directly for my purchase. I just received my new pruners. The quality hasn’t changed over the years! They even offer a new extendable handle Lopper pruner now. I highly suggest EZ KUT products for all pruning and cutting. The racheting system can NOT be beat. Can’t wait for their next Product to come out. I’ll be sure to buy it!
Dorothy Mottl

Avid Michigan Huntress and Sportswoman, Buchanan, MI

I’ve had a set of EZ Kut Pruners for I bet 20 yrs now and have loved them.
John Dragonetti

Jackson, MI

I really shouldn’t even be ordering hand drills, but I had to have them….
Matt Delrusso

Love the drill in pegs. I’ve been using them with a home made tree saddle for years. They give me versatility to hunt any one of about 20 stands depending upon the stage of food, rut, wind, etc.
James Trimarchi

Williamstown, MA

I love your product. So does my wife.
Jim Matthews

Camden, SC

I bought one of your cutters, Its GREAT.
Frank Matthews

Milford, CT

I love my EZ KUTTER!!! It has made cleaning up in my yard so much easier!! I have the small hand held one! Found them at the Deer Expo in B’ham, AL. Best thing in the world!!
Robbie Cain Bates

I absolutely love my EZ Kut pruner and lopper. I won these and I am glad I did. I go out and find things to cut down. The pruner is really easy to use and cuts a pretty big limb. The ratchet is awesome, doesn’t hurt my hand like the others do. I thank you so much for the pruner and lopper, they make my cutting easy.
Norma Murray Goss

EZ Kut pruners are the easiest ones I have ever used, sometimes i get to impatient for my husband and go do it myself! never has it been so easy for me to do the trimming! love your products!
Kathy F Gustafson

I bought the hand pruner this year at ETAR- I already told you how pleased I am with it but I just had to e-mail you again to let you know I’m amazed at how well these work! I think I’ve cut about a face cord of limbs/brush since Oct. 1 while bow hunting. These pruners are worth twice the money. Anyone who has tried the “other” $10.00 look alike pruners with the “big name brand” on them should try these. These are simply the best!
Terry Baldwin

Altamont NY

Amazing! If I had to choose one tool, it would be the pruners. I have trimmed trees, scrubs, and flowers for over 2 years using the same blades. Living on an 1100 acre ranch, this tool gets utilized more than with normal usage. For a 55 year old woman to get excited about EZ KUT, it has to be easy and durable. I had a question about changing the blades, emailed the company, and received a phone call from the owner—the same day !! Amazing product, amazing service.
Kim Sanders

Jefferson, Texas

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