EZ KUT Outdoors Prostaff Member

I started out hunting rabbit and squirrel when I was 10 years old. I would spend my fall and winter afternoons hunting the woods behind my school, honing my skills as a hunter. Sitting quietly listening for the rustle of a branch above from an aware squirrel or walking stealthily, bumping brush piles, hoping for that weary rabbit to bound out of his hiding place. By the time I reach 14 I got interested in deer hunting. I would go to my cousin’s farm with my step-father on the opening day of gun season for an early morning hunt. At 18 I took up archery and haven’t looked back since. Although I still occasionally rabbit and squirrel hunt, deer hunting had become a ritual, a must every fall.

It wasn’t until my late 20’s that I took up turkey hunting. My neighbor was a custom call maker and he kind of taught me the how to’s of turkey hunting. A year later I was promoting his calls as we were trying to make a go in the hunting industry. A few year later the calls were making their way across the country. As the business started growing and more family got involved I kind of got brushed to the side. That was the start of staffing for me. We have since parted ways and I no longer represent or promote the calls but I still use them to this day.

During that time I also started filming. I purchased a decent quality used camera and started filing our turkey hunts. It became addicting and I began taking the camera along for every hunt, I even went as far as purchasing another camera for the other team members to use. It got to a point that I was gunning for quality promotional footage…call use, turkey kills, b-roll…whatever. The opportunity came when I got to film an old classmate who never hunted before in his 42 years of life. Opening morning of that year was a wet miserable one. We had gotten so much rain that year we had to walk through 2” of water for a ¼ of a mile to get to our spot. We didn’t think we were going to see any birds. A long story cut short, I was able to call in a mature bird within 30 yards in the rain and my buddy was able to harvest his first turkey, on his first shot, on his first ever hunt and I got it all on film.

After my departure I had met some friends along the way, one of which I had met at an outdoor film class I attended in Michigan. We kept in touch, formed a friendship and later started Savage Road Outdoors. We are simply a group of guys that share our love of the outdoors through social media (fb). We currently have approximately 6 active members that hunt and/or fish. SRO is all about family and we all have kids ranging in age from less than 1 up to 25. And the kids are just as big a part of SRO as everyone else. Most of our members are from Michigan and Indiana with one in Florida.

I started getting more involved in the hunting community, meeting “celebrity” hunters and corporate Pro-Staffers (the old rubbing of the elbows). I attended outdoor events and banquets. I became a committee member of our local NWTF Chapter in 2010 and help with fundraisers and auctions. I am slowly establishing myself in the surrounding hunting community. My first staff position came with Acu Archery in 2013. This is a company owned by two friends that also run the local archery shop in the area. My job is to simply promote. There were no perks to the position other than getting an Acu Lok for demo and for personal use. I followed that up with a request for Staff members from U-Slide Bow Holder earlier this year of 2015. Then a request to Scott Bast of EZ KUT (you may know him) this year at the Indy sport, Boat and Travel Show. I had helped Scott make a sale and then we started talking about a potential Staff position with EZ KUT. Next thing I know I was looking at an application. Shortly after getting my application for EZ KUT I applied for a Pro Staff position with Advanced Take-Down Treestands. As of August of this year I am now Pro Staff for ATD. With the submission of this application I’ll will be representing four outstanding and specialized companies. Acu Archery with the Acu Lok, U-Slide Bow Holder, Advanced Take-Down Treestands and EZ KUT.

Prostaff Stats

Name: Tim Turner
Hometown: Peru, Indiana
Specialties: Whitetail Deer and Turkey hunting
Greatest Love: Besides Wife and family….hunting, fishing and filming
Favorite EZKUT Product: Pruners
Social Links: Facebook