Buster always says, “Just about anyone can find a way to break just about anything! But it takes a real special person to break an EZ KUT!”

That being said and without pointing any fingers, Buster and EZ KUT have been standing behind these products for over 20 years. You see, we really don’t care how it broke and believe us we’ve heard some crazy stories over the years, we just believe in offering quality products to quality people. Our Guarantee assures the former, you assure the latter.

Here are a few things Buster would like you to keep in mind:

All EZ KUT pruners and loppers are as tough as can be, but with a lot of effort or lack thereof, they can be damaged or destroyed.

What is covered?

We take great measures to teach folks how to use these tools. Buster alone has shown thousands of people how to properly use these products at outdoor shows (have we said this before?) all over the country for over 20 years! Please refer to our products info page and the videos on this website for more information on the proper way to use these tools. We feel this step alone will save us both some time and money! Accidents do happen, however, and if your tool breaks, cracks, does not operate correctly, or is otherwise behaving poorly – it’s covered!

What is not covered?

All blades eventually will dull. Ours however, less often over time. With a lot of use you can be sure they will need sharpening or replacement. Our Guarantee is good but it doesn’t cover dull blades. That’s what our affordable EZ KUT blade replacement kits are for! However, broken or chipped blades are covered. We know we have the best and most reasonable customers, so let’s get real, scratches and a little wear and tear does not bare repair!

How does it work?

As you can see this Guarantee takes a lot of trust from our side, but you trusted us when you bought the product in the first place and as Buster also says “If it is good for the goose, it is good for the gander.” Bottom line we know you’ll be back and recommend us to your friends if we treat you right.

First, please fill out the Guarantee Form below so we may get you in our system and track your product.

After you submit the form below, you’ll be redirected to our page where you can pay for the costs to cover processing. On that page just select the tool type, add to your cart and check out to complete payment.

Then, send us your tool!

We will repair the product at our cost and promptly return it to you! Seriously, what more could you ask for? Oh believe us, people do ask for more… so…

Note: If springs or pins of Loppers or Pruners fail or are lost, please say so in the comments and we will send those parts to you – No Charge! 

Please indicate name and type of tool. For broken blades you may send the whole tool or blade only with fee.

Lastly, if your tool cannot be repaired we will send you a new one, yes that’s right, a new one at no cost to you!

If a product is out of stock or no longer manufactured, you will be offered a replacement alternative at a discounted price.

Please fill out the following form , so we can get right to work on your EZ KUT tools

*Guarantees being fufilled after 01-01-2019*

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