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American Spirit
Spanish Passion

EZ Tools & Sprayers, based in Lake Zurich IL, is a company dedicated to manufacturing extremely high quality commercial and DIY garden, agriculture, outdoor cutting tools and sprayers. Today our brands have a presence in more than 60 countries. We have a competitive advantage by controlling the entire manufacturing process. From design, mold manufacturing, injection of plastic parts, assembly, quality control and customer service. Our international headquarters and factory is located in Valencia, Spain. (Europe) The factory has more than 322,000 square feet. It is composed of a multi disciplinary team. R&D, engineers, product designers, project managers and management. EZ Tools & Sprayers is made up of 4 unique brands.

“We are capable of adapting to the needs of our customers by controlling the entire product manufacturing process”

Design – Mold manufacturing – Plastic Injection -Assembly

About our brands

1987 — Pulmic

PULMIC brand specialized in agricultural spraying. PULMIC products are designed for professionals who want to have the greatest possible control of applications with high quality performance and always respecting the environment.

1988 — Ez-Kut

EZ KUT was born from the desire to build extremely high quality, guarantee tools that work and last. EZ KUT’s time tested designs, have survived the harshest environments and toughest individuals. From weekend warriors to the hardcore professionals. The EZ KUTTER is someone who hates junk tools and doesn’t settle for anything less than the best.

2000 — Kamikaze

KAMIKAZE brand specialized in outdoor cutting tools for different uses. It is one of the leading brands in the European market, where the combination of Japanese steel with components manufactured by us makes the products competitive and high performance.

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