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SPRAYING BY NEBULIZATION: Special electric garden sprayer, with around 120 minutes of battery life.  1.3 gal. capacity for the application of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides.  Ieal for premises, terraces and gardens. 2 bar pressure with a 10.1 oz./min. flow rate.
COMFORTABLE HANDLING AND EASY TRANSPORTATION: Thanks to its ergonomic handle, it makes it easy to use and transport. It also has a translucent polyethylene tank with a level viewer.
5V 0.8-1A LITHIUM BATTERY AND MICRO USB CABLE INCLUDED: recharges via USB and comes with a charge level indicator light.
RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE: The sprayer is for exclusive applications of phytosanitary products (always with the dose recommended by the manufacturer).   Avoid the use of strong chemicals, alcohols, acids, or alkalines. both acids and alkaline.
POWER SUPPLY: Battery powered

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