Pulmic Pegasus 15 Electric Sprayer


Pulmic Pegasus 15, 4 gallon capacity electric sprayer. It has 3 speeds, 3 different nozzles, as well as filters to ensure the correct operation of the product.

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PULMIC BRAND: Specializing in agricultural spraying and solutions for the garden. PULMIC products are designed for professionals who want to have the greatest possible control of applications with high quality performance and always respecting the environment.

3S SYSTEM: Electronic regulation of the pump pressure, facilitating 3 types of pressures from 1 to 4 bars and optimizing battery autonomy. 3 application speeds; low pressure (suitable for herbicide treatments), intermediate pulsation (suitable for herbicide and insecticide treatments depending on the needs of the operator and the selected nozzle) and high pressure spray (recommended for insecticide treatments and medium-high crops).

HIGH PERFORMANCE DIAPHRAGM PUMP and handle with viton seals. This sprayer has a much more comfortable handling thanks to the constant pressure and homogeneous drop size.  The nozzles drastically improve the quality of the application. It has a drain plug, filter, and lance included.

UP TO 7 HOURS OF BATTERY LIFE: lithium battery with removable Samsung technology of 18 volts 2.6 Ah with up to 7 hours of autonomy. The battery has a light indicator to see the state of charge.

INCLUDES ACCESSORIES: 3 different nozzles; adjustable nozzle, herbicide and 4 flow outputs, test tube to dose the machine and extension to extend the length of the lance.


Weight: 8.81 lbs
Dimensions: 21.81 × 16.53 × 10 in



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