SLIK-IT All Purpose Lubricant


  • Plant based
  • Scientifically formulated to reduce friction and noise
  • Bonds to metal for long-lasting protection
  • Penetrates, cleans, and protects against water
  • Prevents build-up of dust and dirt
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Non-toxic, Non Hazardous
  • Virtually odorless
  • Great for easy arrow removal on 3D targets
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The greatest, safest, hardest-working lubricant on the planet. SLIK-IT is simple, safe, and tough on grime and corrosion. It is scientifically formulated for cleaning and lubricating tools and equipment for years to come.

USE IT ON AIR TOOLS, GARDEN PRUNERS, BIKE CHAINS AND GUNS: Or practically anything that needs to move! The EZ KUT SLIK-IT All Purpose Lubricant and Cleaner is the perfect anti-rust protector for your EZ KUT Tools. Great for cleaning and lubricating guns or arrow lubricant for easy arrow removal.

SCIENTIFICALLY FORMULATED LUBRICANT SPRAY: The EZ KUT SLIK-IT All Purpose Power Tool Lubricant and Cleaner is a rust penetrating lubricant spray. It works by using nano-technology penetrating your tools at a microscopic level to repel moisture and dust. With protection from friction and tear.

SAVE YOUR TOOLS AND YOUR MONEY: EZ KUT SLIK-IT All Purpose Lubricant and Cleaner for Tools is the hardest-working anti-rust spray you need. It works by lubricating metal to metal contacts and metal surfaces at the molecular level. This makes it a perfect air tool lubricant. It is also formulated to keep your machinery and equipment moving for years!

SAFE FOR YOUR TOOLS, PETS AND THE PLANET: EZ KUT SLIK-IT All Purpose Tool Lubricant and Cleaner is made without the toxic aerosols and other corrosive materials keeping you, your loved ones, pets, and the environment safe. Virtually odorless as well.

TRUSTED TOOL LUBRICANT GREASE: Engineered for protection and performance, the heavy-duty EZ KUT SLIK-IT All Purpose Lubricant and Cleaner is trusted by professionals. Made for anyone who cares about their tools and wants their equipment protected.

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